Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Try Reading: Soseki Natsume: Ten Nights of Dreams - The First Night (1)


Ten Nights of Dreams


The First Night


わたし は

ゆめ を た。


ゆめ を る:to dream)

わたし は

腕組うでぐみ を して

すわって いた。

腕組うでぐみ を して:with my arms folded)

すわる:to sit)

おんな の

枕元まくらもと に

すわって いた。


枕元まくらもと:beside her, by her pillow)


おんな は

あおむけ に

て いた。

(あおむけ:on her back)

て いる:she is lying)

おんな が




う:to say)

「もう に ます」


ぬ:to die)

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Ten Nights of Dreams

The First Night

Soseki Natsume

The dreamer sits at the bedside of a woman who says she is dying. Because of the warm color in her lips and cheeks, he questions, several times, if she truly is dying. After confirming that she must indeed die, the woman asks a favor. After she dies, he should dig her grave with a large shell, mark it with a fragment of fallen star, and wait at its side a hundred years for her return. The dreamer prepares her grave and buries her as requested. Then he begins his vigil, losing count of the days as years go by. As he begins to wonder if she didn’t deceive him, a slender stem emerges and a white lily blossoms before him. He touches his lips to a dewdrop on the lily and knows in that moment that a hundred years have passed.